Thursday, December 1, 2011

Leandra Stuckey's Reflection

The spirit of God is in the wind, blowing where it pleases, and it chooses to blow around Rockhurst. As I walk to class and see the leaves falling gently from the trees guided by the wind, I know God is there. He is everywhere around me. In the simplest action of breathing in the chilly fall air, He is there giving me the breath to continue living. He is there in the breeze that caresses my face when I step outside of Sedgewick. I don’t have to witness a miracle to know the goodness of God. When I was walking around campus one day, I noticed a leaf being blown across my path. It didn’t stay in front of me for more than a few seconds before the wind picked it up and carried it a little farther from me. This kept happening until the leaf landed on one of the cement benches. Again it didn’t stay there for long because another gust of wind came and blew it up again. The leaf had no control over where it was blown, it was determined by the wind. The same is true for me. The wind has led me to Rockhurst for a reason. This is where I will let the spirit guide me in my adventures here.
Good luck on finals!
-         Reflection by Leandra Stuckey

Leandra Stuckey, a junior transfer student, is double majoring in Political Science and Exercise and Sports Science.  She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the University’s service fraternity, and is a cheerleader.  Go Hawks!