Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steven Bokel's Reflection

I oftentimes find myself reciting the words of Father Kolvenbach, SJ, “. . . to discern what is really happening in your life and in the lives of others, to find God there and to discover where he is calling you.” Where is God and how does he fit into the equation of my life? Making the decision to study abroad was not one made lightly. In choosing to leave, I had to sacrifice many of the things I loved most in this life and, what's worse, I was asking my friends and family to do the same. Finding God has not always been easy but there have been key moments in life where I have felt God's call to action, this semester abroad has certainly been one of them. I have found God in the splendor of Florence, the antiquity of Rome, and the faith of Warsaw. Most importantly, I have found God in the generosity of the people I encounter and all those back how who won't let me waste my time here. In my travels, I have learned that all people, not just Americans or Europeans, but all people are basically good. We all have that urge to help someone in need- to be empathetic. We are all the children of God.  I have found God in our willingness to give, to help, and have faith that the light will overcome the darkness.

-         Reflection by Steven Bokel

Steven Bokel is a junior currently studying at The John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy. He is a Business Accounting and Philosophy major and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi (business fraternity) and Christian Life Community (CLC). 

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