Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Emily Mazzoni's Reflection

I find God in watching others experience small joys that make Rockhurst the unique University that it is.  I see the joy people get from feeling the mist of the fountains, squishing the warm sand between their toes during a game of sand volleyball, and hearing Jane yell out the newest twister order.  People smile as they walk by the seemingly random blue cow and they laugh as they are engulfed in the bubbles of the foam dance party.  It is in watching people during these instances - some daily, others rarer – that I see God.  All of these events turn our ordinary moments into an extraordinary experience.  It is through the smiles and laughter of my fellow students, the faculty, and the staff that I encounter God here at Rockhurst, for which I am truly blessed.  In such simple joy there is such great power.  God gives us the opportunity to be joyful each day, and I constantly witness the members of the Rockhurst community expressing that joy which reminds me that God is present in all things.

                  - Reflection by Emily Mazzoni

Emily Mazzoni, a St. Louis native, is in her second year at Rockhurst University.  She is majoring in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Mathematics, and Spanish. Additionally, Emily is an R.A., VP of Student Senate, Orientation Leader, Social Mentor, SI for Spanish, Ambassador, P.E.E.R.S. Executive member, a member of CLC and involved with numerous other clubs and activities on campus [and, as she says, “No, I never sleep :)” ].

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