Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alan Ratermann's Reflection

I like to relate my search for God in all things to a seek-and-find puzzle. I know He is in my life and experiences, but at times I need to look harder or look at the puzzle in a different way. Sometimes I may not find the words I am looking for in the order I had originally planned; similarly, I may not discover things about God and myself until I give up my preconceived plans. Reflecting on the recent Frosh Get-A-Way, I went in looking for God with a specific plan of action. I would look for Him in the people I talked to and in my own thoughts. Well, needless to say that isn’t how it worked. Although I found God in talking to people, I also saw Him in their actions and encouragement towards one another. I thought I knew what I needed. During the retreat weekend, I felt as if God was searching for me, not the other way around. The realization that He wants to be a part of my life is an incredible revelation. Being open to experiencing God in all aspects of life reminds me to never let my own plans or ideas get in the way of knowing God.     
-          Reflection by Alan Ratermann

Alan Ratermann is a freshman from St. Louis, MO and is currently undecided in his major. He is involved on campus with Rockstars, Student Senate, Running Club, and CLC.

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