Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amanda Schumacher's Reflection

I have felt God at Rockhurst in the people that surround me day in and day out because they exemplify His presence to me. I think God shines through the faculty and staff as they use their gifts and talents to inspire and lead students. He is in the athletes, as they pursue excellence on the field and on the court. God makes himself known to me through my residents and their joy, energy and generosity to each other and our floor. He is there in the Sodexo employees and the maintenance and custodial staff as they willingly and graciously perform their jobs with respect, discipline, and enthusiasm. He is in all students as they encourage one another and take on the challenge of becoming a better version of themselves to discover their passions and make their contribution in the world. God is truly present at Rockhurst University and I consider myself incredibly blessed to be a part of such an enriching place. It is through the people of this community and their compassion and charity that I have seen the face of God and learned more about my faith, the world and myself.
- Reflection by Amanda Schumacher

Amanda Schumacher is a  sophomore pre-med student majoring  in Biochemistry and Spanish. Amanda is an  Ambassador, Resident Assistant, member of ASA and CLC, and a Frosh Get A-Way  retreat leader. 

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