Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Joe Evans' Reflection

I have been very fortunate during my time at Rockhurst to participate in two different spring break service trips. These service trips allowed me to encounter God sometimes in ways that I typically would not expect. During these experiences I have found God in both the people I served and also those who I served with. By allowing myself to be fully present with the people I served felt I was able to find God. I often encountered God in their positive outlook on life and in their sense of humor, despite their struggles. Although sometimes it seems that the people I served were very different from me, I have found that despite these differences you probably share more similarities than you think. It’s these commonalities that allowed me to open up to them and allowed me to see God in them. Returning from these trips has also made me realize that God is not just found in service in a place far from home, but can also be found right in our own backyards. Although we can often get caught up in our own problems in our lives, I have realized that by taking the time to serve others can open your heart and mind to God.
-          Reflection by Joe Evans

Joe Evans is a senior from Omaha, Nebraska majoring in Spanish.  He is an active member of a CLC, has participated in domestic and international service trips, and has cut, split and stacked plenty of firewood on several Lumberjack Service retreats.

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