Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Josh Goralski's Reflection

“Nothing is more practical than finding God, that is, than falling in a love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the mornings, what you will do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.” Fr. Pedro Arrupe S.J.
In my two years at Rockhurst, I have felt the warmth of God’s presence and love in countless ways. I felt this as I entered Rockhurst with our entire class giving up a few hours to do service before embarking on our journey here. Additionally, I have continued to find God and fall in love with him through the retreats offered by Campus Ministry, conversations with friends, and speakers on campus like Fr. Boyle.
When I traveled to Haiti with a group of Rockhurst students over winter break, I experienced falling in love with God once again. I not only found God in the people we met, but I found God in each person in our group. I remember constantly thinking over the week our group was truly in love with helping to empower others. The group had agreed to take on a multi-year project to help the people of Duchity, Haiti. I think to myself that truly we all felt the love of God leading us to go on this trip. Throughout the whole trip, I just felt like God was there, blessing us with safe travels, productive meetings, memorable experiences that will not soon be forgotten, good weather and great conservation. There is something special when you are with a group of people that are called by a common love and are all on the journey to find God.
So, I encourage you in the spirit of Pedro Arrupe to let yourself fall in love with God.
-         Reflection by Josh Goralski

Josh Goralski is a Sophomore from Naperville, IL studying Nonprofit Leadership Studies and Accounting and trying to fit in something with Economics. He is involved in with Student Senate, various Campus Ministry Activities, Desk Manager in Corcoran, and involved with the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative.  

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