Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Theresa Kiblinger's Reflection

If we do not expect to find God in all things and look for Him in our daily lives, we can miss wonderful opportunities for help, healing, and happiness.  It seems the most unexpected and unusual times, when I am not outwardly searching for God, are the times when He becomes the most present in my life.  Recently, I have learned to find God when I stumble off of His path or fall into sin.  It is through my failings that I turn to God even more for acceptance, grace, and mercy.  I have quickly realized that when I begin straying off of God’s path, He enters right into the mess I have created and picks me up again.  These times of sin and failing, where God once again renews my life, often leave me in awe of His goodness, His powerfulness, and His relentless and unconditional love.  Even though I may cause God pain and suffering, He is always there when I call on Him to pick me up, love me completely, and set me on the right path.  Time and time again, that is when I find God and feel His abundant love.  So I encourage you to open your hearts to the possibilities of finding God in the most unexpected places whether it is in a smile on the quad, a conversation with a friend, or even in our sins and failings because God is constantly surrounding each one of us.

-         Reflection by Theresa Kiblinger

Theresa Kiblinger is a junior from Cape Girardeau, MO.  A nursing student with a minor in French, she has been involved with CLC, Ambassadors, Alpha Sigma Nu and French Club during her years at Rockhurst. Theresa spent this past Christmas break serving in Uganda and plans to spend the summer serving in both Uganda and Kenya.   

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