Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Katherine Hoffman's Reflection

I have found God in an array of expected and unexpected moments that have been knit together to create a unique tapestry of memories.  Sometimes, God appears in obvious ways like enjoying the beautiful blooming tulips and other gifts of spring in nature as I walk through campus to class each day. At times, I feel as though the warm rays of sunshine are simply God’s emanating love flowing down from above. Other times, I find God in life’s sweetest moments, for example exchanging a much-needed hug with a good Rockhurst pal after a trying day. These moments remind me not only of God’s goodness but how if I look for him I can find him in others’ actions.
However, finding God doesn’t always happen in the obvious or sweet instances in life.  At times, I have found God in bitter, unexpected experiences that I don’t understand.  For example, I have uncovered God during service immersion trips in glimpsing the poverty of the individuals living in the place I was visiting, whether that was domestically in West Virginia or abroad in Guatemala. In these moments, I have found it important to hold the experience not trying to change it but accepting the experience for what it is and acknowledging God’s presence. It requires trust in Him and openness to his greatness to accept these moments and to add them to the diverse and beautiful  tapestry  of life that God is creating for me.
My hope for each of you is that you embrace all of the opportunities in your life to find God. May you be open to the impact those memories can have in your life as pieces knitted into the tapestry of life that God is creating for and with you.

-         Reflection by Katherine Hoffman

A native of Trenton, Missouri, Katherine graduated from Rockhurst with her bachelor’s degree in 2012 and is currently in her first-year of the doctorate in Physical Therapy program.  As an undergraduate, Katherine was involved in CLC as both a leader and member, ASA and APO.  She also participated in two spring break service trips: one to Guatemala and one to West Virginia.

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