Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charli Bultmann's Reflection

It is difficult for me to pinpoint a specific moment in which I have found God, especially during this past year at Rockhurst. This year has been more of a journey on the path of creating a beautiful relationship with God for me.  I have seen God while walking to classes when I see the sun shining so brightly and the sky hovering above me in its rich blue color.  I have especially become aware of God lately in the budding of new life in the trees and flowers all over campus.  But God is not only present in these things; this year, more than ever, I have seen God in the people in my life. My family, close friends, and even acquaintances have been compassionate and thoughtful in ways I never realized before.  It is every person around me that makes me see God.  He is in all of us in one way or another.  I believe that it is our experiences with others that truly help us to find God.  These experiences unite us not only as a Rockhurst community but also as a community of God.

Charli Bultmann is a sophomore Biology major at Rockhurst.  Hailing from Carrollton, Missouri, she is a Student Ambassador, member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Zeta Tau Alpha, and CLC.  At this year’s Easter Vigil, Charli received her first communion and was confirmed into the Catholic Church.  

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